Smallmonuments: Bas Relief in Polymer Clay
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"Once art is properly understood, we should be able to paint a picture to cure a toothache..."

-- Pablo Picasso

Artist's Statement

-- It is my conviction that the purpose of all art is to have an incantatory function that resonates with the viewer's internal, magical relationship with the world. The unconscious totemic archetypes we all carry within us are a constant and central theme in my work. It is not always comfortable to encounter these archetypes, but it is essential for our survival that we do so.

-- In recent years, I have been interested in the idea of monuments, and have been addressing the challenge of creating bas-relief sculptures that are monumental in feel but small in scale. When viewers mistake them to be maquettes for much larger pieces, I feel I have achieved my intention.

-- Unlike my earlier work in welded bronze, my current medium, Polymer Clay, poses a threat neither to the environment nor to the artist's health. The clay polymerizes in a kiln at relatively low temperatures, and combining it with suspensions of metal and other substances in acrylic media, allows a wide range of expressive possibilities.


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Photography by Brian Thompson

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